Monday, October 18, 2004

It's Raining Today!

And rain is wonderful. In the proper season of fall and winter of course. :)

Actually, it started Saturday night. I'd opened my window to let some cool air in and a few minutes later couldn't figure out what that strange noise coming from outside was. Turns out, it was rain. It's been raining on and off, mostly off, ever since. Not too hard, but enough to count as rain, that's for sure.

Saturday, we had a video scavenger hunt with the youth. Thought we might cancel because very few people seemed to think they were coming Thursday night, but 15 kids showed up, so we went for it. Broke up into three teams of 5. Even brought my team to my condo for a couple of the items. (Everyone in a bathtube and Trick or Treating.) Basically, the idea is to get everyone to do random things on tape. Like a female trying on a formal. Or someone proposing to a stranger. I had fun. Hope the kids did, too. They seemed to.

Earlier in the day, I headed down to Mysteries to Die For to a signing with Diana Killian. Bought both High Rhymes and Verse of the Vampyre for my aunt for Christmas. It was nice to meet her after two books.

Of course, this met I got no studying done Saturday.

Yesterday, I came to the caf for lunch since a friend was supposed to be in town. She didn't wind up making it, but I had a nice lunch with the Matts and Casey. Got home in time to talk to my family, then I headed over to church. And we had a SNYF last night. So I got no studying done yesterday, either.

Did study at lunch time today.

Won't get too much done tonight since tonight's the night that Joanne Fluke will be at my local library signing her new book. And I'd told her I'm going so she'd bring my new poster.

Good thing my grade doesn't really matter, right?

Friday, I got my latest ebay purchase. Both of Evie's Christmas records. She was an early Christian artist that my parents and I love. Her Christmas albums are must listen tos every year. They're long out of print, so I got a copy on CD with them. They sound incredible! Better then I had hoped for. And I didn't even scratch one of them up when my CD player in the car tried to eat it and not spit it out again. I wonder if it's going to go bad soon. Maybe I should stick to easily replaced CD's for a while to make sure. If I loose a CD, I'd prefer it be one I can get a new copy of easily.

But I should head to dinner so that I can get to the signing on time. With getting off work late like this, it's hard to get back on that side of town by 6:30.

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