Wednesday, October 20, 2004

How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Ok, so it was a small group.

Monday night I went to that book club meeting that Joanne Fluke was at to promote/sign Sugar Cookie Murder. When she was discussing what was coming next, she started by saying that she's finished Peach Cobbler Murder, which is coming in March, and that she's working on the next book, Cherry Cheesecake Murder. At that point, I let out an enthusiastic "YES!!!!" and raised my hand in the air. I've been campaigning for that title for two and a half years. I'm very excited. No word on if she'll actually have poison be the murder weapon, which I've also been campaigning for, but I rather doubt she will. This is enough of a victory for me since it's the only one I ever expected to win.

Amazing what I can get excited about, isn't it? And, yes, I did overreact. It just kinda happened and I realized what I'd done two seconds later. :)

Other then that, I've been studying for my mid-term this morning. It went surprising well. I think I did fine. Would have done better if it was multiple choice instead of short answer. But I feel very confident with what I did answer. Should have at least a B easily if not an A.

And has it been raining the last couple of days. Mostly a light rain off and on, but it really decided to come down last night. Led to flooding here in the canyon like it always does. But a trailer park entrance got blocked by water and debre last night. No one hurt, in danger, no damage, so that's a good thing. And one of the birch trees on campus blew down in some wind last night. The sun's been trying to come back today, so I think this storm is over. Frankly, it's been nice. I could use a lot more rain this winter.

Matt has too much homework to do tonight, so it looks like the Matts won't be coming over. So plans are to watch 7th Heaven, Lost, and finish Murder with Peacocks. Sounds like a great evening to me.

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