Friday, October 29, 2004

Hopefully This One Takes

I really did try to post Wednesday. I had a great post all typed up, hit submit, and Blogger decided to go down and loose it for me. :( So I blame them for my lack of a post on Wednesday.

I went to the doctor Tuesday about my cough. Gave me some medicine that seems to be helping, although it's been a little worse today. Maybe because I went to bed last and got up early for class. I'll have to try to go to bed earlier tonight.

Of course, I couldn't start my medicine until Wednesday, so my cough decided to give me one last night to remember it by. Tuesday night I was up half the night trying to cough up a lung. I was beat Wednesday morning, so I skipped class and came into work late. Got some great notes from a student today, which I really appreciate. Basically, this has not been a good week sleep wise. Which is unfortunate since tomorrow is Disney day. Some friends and I are meeting up with Angelique at 8 AM tomorrow. It's always a long day, but tons of fun.

In other news, we had an explosion here on campus Tuesday. No, it wasn't like that. A fire inspector came through Monday and found some chemicals in our science lab that were old. He told us to dispose of them properly. Well, early the next morning, someone else saw the report and paniced. Sent fire trucks and the bomb squad out to take care of those chemicals for us. My understanding is this was an overreaction, but they dug a safe hole and blew them up. Rattled the windows, but that was about all, except for the bad publicity this will give us with our neighbors.

Speaking of bad publicity, I forgot a story from this last weekend. A group of us that were in the same van were having lunch at McDonalds. Many had Bush/Cheney shirts and/or stickers on. I was cleaning up my table when the rest went outside and I heard this one woman comment really loudly, "What is wrong with those people? Are they all brainwashed or something?" I didn't say anything, although I felt like it. Nice tolerance there, lady.

Let's see, what else is going on.

Didn't play guitar last night since I had missed practice Sunday night. But I did put the powerpoint slides together in 20 minutes once the others finally showed up and I found out I needed to. Fortunately, I had brought my disc with that info on it with me. And I had the songbooks in my car as back up if I needed them.

Think that's about it. Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will. You can't go wrong with Disneyland!

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