Friday, October 08, 2004

Do You Have Anything to Stop This Coughing?

So Monday night I wasn't feeling well. Tuesday, I accidentally overslept and got to work late. But I also started to feel better. By Wednesday, I was feeling fine. Except for this cough.

It's gotten so much worse this week, and I have no idea why. Seems sometimes I can't even talk without trying to hack up a lung. And forget about singing or laughing. Wednesday it was so bad I actually had sore neck and sholder muscles Thursday. But it's better today. Wish it would just go completely away.

Let's see. I got Aladdin Tuesday and watched it right away. Still a great movie. In fact, I'd forgotten how much I liked it. And watched about half the bonus features, too. Hopefully get through those this weekend.

Worship was interesting Thursday. We all seemed a little off. My turn came on "Only the Blood." Sometimes I can start that song just fine, and others it's really bad. And it was really bad last night. Needed to take a deep breath. Don't know why I was so nervous.

And today I had them come to fix the holes in my ceiling from the leak a couple weeks back. They were supposed to come between 8 and 8:30. They showed up at 9:30. Then they took 3 hours to fix it. The good news is it's completely fixed. But honestly, why should it take that long? The guy would disappear to his car for 30 minutes for no good reason. That kind of thing. I'm happy to have it fixed, but I really didn't want to take half a day of vacation time to do it. I'm thinking about calling the company and complaining, but I should probably sleep on it.

Meanwhile, i see by the big hand on the clock that it's time to head to dinner. Blog at ya later!

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