Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Catching up on Memes

We'll start with the word association I missed because I was out of state Sunday.

  1. Blackout:: Power Outage
  2. Platinum:: Plated
  3. Leather and lace:: Odd Combination
  4. Court:: Reporter
  5. Mind your own business:: Leave Me Alone
  6. Gambling:: Vegas
  7. Lily:: of the Valley
  8. Evasive:: Action
  9. Turn-on:: the TV
  10. Suspect:: Murder

Evasive Action? Must still have Star Trek on the brain.

Now today's TV Tuesday. The topic is animal shows.

1. What's your favorite or least favorite "wildlife" show? Why?
I used to watch Wild, Wild World of Animals or whatever it was called on PBS when I was under 10. Don't remember much other then I really enjoyed it. Can't stand Crocodile Hunter. That kind of danger really raises my adreline.

2. Who's your favorite animal TV star?
Don't have one.

3. What animal (pet or wildlife) shows do you watch?

~Bonus~ For pet lovers, if your pets had their own TV show what would it be called? Why?
I don't have a pet, but any animal show I was on would be called "Get That Thing Away from Me" because of my allergies. I'll wait by the phone waiting for Animal Planet to call. :)

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