Friday, April 02, 2004

Weather sure was weird yesterday. Started out sunny. Then it clouded over and poured for about an hour. Then it was clear again. I heard on the news that some places got as much as 3 inches of rain! Obviously, it rained longer there.

But here in town, it was sunny at the mall, which is only a few miles from work.

Fortunately, this has knocked the pollen out of the air. My allergies were killing me all week!

We had fun with the kids during game time last night. Set up the circle for AWANA style games and treated them like clubbers.

For those who don't know, AWANA is a church program for kids. It involves Bible memorization, service projects, and a game time every week around a circle with relay races and fun stuff like that. It was fun.

I had thought about putting up some radom Metalica song or something as our first powerpoint slide for worship time, but I didn't. Mainly because I don't know enough to come up with a good song. :)

I've been hinting that I was going to do something for April Fool's Day. I have started shaving off my beard. I shaved my chin, so the hair connects from my sideburns up to my mustache. No one at work has even commented, but my friends sure said stuff, as did the kids last night. Most of them thought I just looked funny, and a few compared it to Martin van Buren. I'm impressed they knew who that was, cause I certainly wasn't thinking of that.

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