Friday, April 16, 2004

Thanks to Aleta, I seem to have a new obsession.

I'm sure by now you've seen the reading list I've added to the side of my blog. I found that site thanks to her blog. Well, you can add information to the site about books like number of pages, chapters, first line. That kind of stuff. They are storing it all in a database. And here, they list the most recently added information and the people who have contributed the most. And guess who has entered teh top 15 this week and will be at top 10 by the end of the night.

Am I strangely obsessed or what? I mean, really, what makes me want to add information about books I've already read to get up that high. Granted, it doesn't take much when you have several catagories per book. But still, why do it at all?

Meanwhile, talk about symatry. This 500 review has submitted his 500th review on.... Well, go take a look for yourself and see. :)

We had a small turn out at youth group last night. See, last week was the public school's spring break, but it was this week for the kids at the Christian school. I think we had 6 jr. highers. All but one from public or home school. Still, it was a good evening.

As you can see, I finished the new Nancy. I must admit, I really enjoyed it. They seem to have given all the characters more personality and depth. And the first person narration was a plus. The bad thing? I didn't think the crimes were truly worthy of the Nancy of old.

Which means that I've started Evans to Betsy. Can I just say I love to visit Llanfair? With the publication of Evan's Gate this month, once I finish Evans to Betsy, I'll only be two Evans behind. Just were I was a month ago. Like it's a pain trying to catch up. The pain will be when I've caught up. I won't be able to wait until the next one comes out.

Not much else new here.

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