Thursday, April 01, 2004

Morning. Time for this week's Thursday Threesome, with a theme I was not expecting. It is brought to us this week by James Dean and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Rebel-- Hey, are you considered a rebel in any areas? Yeah? Like how, man? (...or not? Maybe you are one of the conforming types?)
I’ve said before, about the only way I rebel is what I do with my hair. Most people don’t like my shaved head, but I do it anyway. Today, I’ve shaved off the hair on my chin but kept the rest of my beard, but no one’s even noticed.

Twosome: Without-- Hmmm... What have you done without lately that you could use a little of? Sunshine? A break from schoolwork? Housework? Kids?
Some time to myself. I can tell I need a weekend with nothing going on but what I want to do. Fortunately, I get one in a couple days. And already I can tell it won’t be long enough for all I want to do.

Threesome: a Cause-- ...and just 'cause' it's the type of thing we ask: are you getting away for Easter/Spring break or is the usual routine in effect?
I get half a day off for Good Friday, but I’m staying in town.

And, as a public service reminder, if things get a little weird today, do what I do. I slap floor.

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