Monday, April 19, 2004

Maybe I should clarify what I posted yesterday. There are a couple reasons I put Ms. after feminist on my list.

First, if I don't miss my guess, the title of a leading feminist magazine is Ms.

Second, it was feminists who first came up with that term. I can remember my mom ranting against the use of that appreviation, especially when she started getting mail addressed to "Ms...."

Now, do I think everyone who uses that title is a feminist? No! Do I have a problem using that title? A little, but I'm getting better. Comes from Mom's rants growing up.

See, what a parent believes really does affect their kids for the rest of their lives.

Now before you get on my mom too much, this was in the 80's. In the days of the career woman only and anyone who stayed home was stupid. For some reason, my mom took that attitude from the press and from feminists rather personally. :)

I didn't get home from the SNYF until 9:20 last night. Didn't mind too much since I only had 14 pages of Evans to Betsy left and was able to finish that up before bed time. Wonderful book as always. Then I watched 24. Man, heart pumping, feet sweaty the entire way through. And I simply can not believe how they ended it. This is not your predictable TV show. Went to bed instead of watching Alias, so I get the joy of watching that tonight, followed by another 24 tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I will be finishing Madness at Moonshiner's Bay tonight. Only 40 pages left after reading at lunch time. I'd forgotten how intense this book is. It was all I could do to come back to work after lunch time. And Ricky on the raft in the swamp was heart stopping, even if the book is first person narration.

This morning was interesting on a personal level. A co-worker came into the office to let us know he'd quit. Don't know why, but it's a shock. He was a great guy and had been her almost three years now. Then a friend comes in a shares some stuff with me. I was beginning to feel like I had an "unburden yourself to me" sign on me today. Not that that's a bad thing. But it still felt weird.

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