Monday, April 12, 2004

It's here! What, you may ask. Go on, ask! I finally got my copy of the new Ginny Owens CD today. It's wonderful. So far, she's three for three with awesome CD's.

On the other hand, I got the Veggie Rocks! CD today as well. This CD is Christian artists redoing classics from the Veggie Tales video series in their style. As I figured from looking at the artist list, it's pretty much hit and miss. Worth it since I would have wondered about it and I didn't pay full price. But I doubt I'll really listen to it much.

But you probably didn't log in just for some CD reviews, did you?

It's been a few days since I updated you on my life completely.

My second cousin took a turn for the better over the weekend. She's off the ventilator, can move all four limbs some, and can communicate through grunts. They still don't know for sure how much damage has been caused by this and what will be permanent or not.

My dad got a promotion at work!

Saturday, we had a ministry thing at church. We handed out water bottles along the bike path behind church and made wordless book brachelets to send to the Olympics this summer. While standing outside doing all this, I got a nice sun burn on the back of my neck.

Didn't got to Santa Monica yesterday afternoon like I had planned (no evening service at church.) Instead, I hung around the condo with Jeff and a couple of his friends. Jeff bought everything for Easter dinner. We swam and a long time.

Basically, this entire weekend was nice and relaxing. Doing very little of what I thought I should be doing or had planned to do last week, but very nice in the long run.

And now today is back to work. Why do Monday's have to come every week? Couldn't we get just one week a year without a Monday in it at all?

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