Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Irony is laughing at me again.

So last night, I get home and immediately sit down and finish my book. I finish it at 8:57 PM, just in time to turn on the TV and watch..."The Simpsons?" Seems that, because of the Presidential press conference, 24 had been prempted on the East Coast. So it's going to be shown on Sunday instead. At 9 PM Pacific. Opposite Alias.

And, just to prove that the jokes on me, what's the one Sunday this month when we have a SNYF? You guessed it! I probably won't even be home before 9:30 PM. So guess who will be starting Monday very tired next week after having watched both Alias and 24 starting at 10 PM.

And, yes, the fact that this is the worst thing going on in my life right now is a good thing. :)

I realize I have yet to discuss the rest of what I did to my facial hair last week. On the 1st, if you'll recall, I shaved my chin so my beard went from sideburns up and over my mouth. Sunday, the 4th, I shaved off the connecting strip, so I had side burns that went down to my jaw and the sides of my mustache also went down to my jaw. Tuesday was sideburns half way up my ear and a regular mustache. And Thursday was completely shaved. To top it off, Friday I got a hair cut. Still long enough to comb on top, but much shorter.

Lots of people are giving me second looks these days. I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep the completely shaved look, but for another couple weeks at least.

As you can see on the side, I've started the new Nancy Drew's. I'm not a traitor, I promise. Am curious, however, how they are. So far, 50 pages in, I'm liking the first person narration and the characterizations. But I think I'm going to find the plot a little two young for me. If these are supposed to replace the traditional Nancy's they'll fail. The crimes just seem too young. Vandalism and petty theft vs. some of the bigger stuff she used to deal with. Heck, Trixie most of the time handles stuff bigger then that.

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