Monday, April 05, 2004

Considering how much I wanted to do this weekend, I really was rather successful. I got most of the reviews written I wanted to get done. Finally got my favorites from 2003 done for Amazon. (And it's only April!) Finished Glorious Appearing. Started Litlle House on the Prairie. Cleaned the condo. Played ultimate Saturday morning. And all without feeling overly stressed.

Not that it was majorly exciting, of course. But I'm happy with what I got done. Not happy to be back at work, because there's always more fun stuff to do. :)

I'm trying not to get too excited, but I think I got the best news imaginable yesterday. There is a song I've been wanting to teach the youth at church ever since I came down here. I haven't because of copy write issues. The guy who taught it to my college group at my parent's church told me a friend of his wrote it and it wasn't to be used generally. Sunday morning, it suddenly dawned on me that Benjamin was going to the same college that guy was. I asked, and sure enough, he knew the song. So I'm now waiting for him to get the copy write info from a friend of his so I can start using it. I'm trying hard not to be too excited in case I'm told I can't use it, but surely if it's still being used there after 10 years, I can use it. I'm just about dancing for joy every time I think about it. Or at least squealing with joy. Which is a scary thought for all of you, I’m sure.

In sadder news, my second cousin is in the hospital with what appears to be a stroke. At this point, they don't know for sure what kind of brain damage she's had or if she will ever get over her paralysis. The scary thing is, she's only a little older then me (like 13 months.) She's always had health problem, but nothing like this before.

Last night was a family fellowship. Basically, different families from church go over to one person's house for a potluck. They're always fun and a good way to get to know people in the church you wouldn't get to know otherwise. And last night was no exception.

You might be wondering why I've been bolding weird words. Well, my friend Mike J. is claiming to be influencing bloggers to bold the topics of each paragraph. Naturally, I have to show him that not all bloggers are conformists. :) Love ya, Mike. :) LTMS

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