Monday, January 05, 2004

So why did I get a completely different look when I logged in from my parent's?

Yes, I am home and back to work. Man, I need a vacation. :)

Things were certainly crazy last week as the things Mom felt needed doing took the entire time we had to do them. They were much less for my other grandparent's services or got done much quicker or something.

I did get to get together with a couple different friends while I was home, however. Had a good visit with both sets. And really got to spend some time getting to know Kevin's wife (the wedding I went home for in February.) Was at their condo for three hours before I even knew any time had gone.

The memorial service went very well on Wednesday. I don't know what my uncle thought, but my family loved it. And hey, if my uncle hadn't wanted it to be that Christian, he shouldn't have picked that pastor. :) He didn't say anything one way or the other, but what could he say since he'd picked the guy. Now we'll see if we have any more contact with them outside of just signed birthday and Christmas cards and any weddings in the future.

Speaking of which, got to spend alot of time with Mike's girlfriend. She's great and seems to fit in with the family well. Don't know if that's a compliment or insult, however. :)

Friday night, I spent with Donald on the way home. Got to have dinner with him and his fiancee. Found out that the minister who will be marrying them is a friend, so that will make the wedding even more fun. I cleaned his clock at the Stock Market Game, but then he got his revenge on Tetris World. The only problem was, I just didn't sleep that night. But I made the rest of the drive home with flying colors, some of which were on my car. I think I made record time getting back down here.

And I have two new roommates! They both seem nice. I still need to scrimp some to save up some money again for when I'm between roommates. But still, this is a huge step in the right direction.

Thanks again for all your responses to my last post. It really does mean alot.

Here's to a happier 2004 then the last couple years have been for my family. (Of course the condo is a bright spot!) Hope all of yours are great as well!

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