Friday, August 16, 2002

Well, I got more sleep last night, but I'm still tired. And the weather has cooled down. Unseasonably cool for August. Which will be nice tomorrow in Pomona for playing ultimate. But not nice Sunday through Tuesday at Ventura on the jr. high beach retreat.

New students show up for WOW (Week of Welcome) tomorrow. Where did the summer go? Can't believe another school year is starting already.

Well, you have my schedule for the next few days. I may or may not stop by tomorrow when I get back from the tourney, but we'll just have to see. Right now, however, I need to go buy some boxes of juice to freeze in my ice chest. Then go home and have Jeff give me a Mohawk before tomorrow as well. I need to do something after I shaved Navy into my head for last year's team. Somehow, I just don't think Baby Blue will work as well. :) (And I'm not mentioning that the first two years, I did nothing.)

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