Tuesday, August 27, 2002

There are advantages to being a well-known customer. I walked into the Disney Store last night to pre-order Monsters, Inc. and Beauty and the Beast, and an employee who recognized me as a regular movie buyer warned me to buy them somewhere else. Seems Disney is testing selling the movies without lithographs, and they picked their top 5 stores to try this in, mine being one of those top 5. So, if I wait and do this when I'm at my parent's this weekend, I'll pay the same amount for the same DVD's plus get the lithographs. Is this making any sense to anyone else? Naturally, I'm waiting.

But things didn't go as planned last night. I got home, sat down and turned on the TV, and stayed there. Didn't do laundry, didn't read. But it was what I needed.

Phil's out of the hospital, but won't be in the rest of the week. Guess I didn't blog about that yesterday. They decided he had a mild stroke and had him in the hospital over the weekend for tests. Scariest part is, he's younger then my parents. Of course, they are in better shape.

And, now, I've got some articles to link to from Breakpoint. This one discusses how we are already misteaching the events of September 11th to students. Makes me want to become a history teacher. I just can't believe it. And this one is closely related. And be sure to read the linked article. At least some students recognize what's happened. Frankly, these articles are making me stop and think about my own thinking.

And then the final one on a different subject. With everything else going on in my life right now, this really convicted me. The great philosopher Calvin strikes again. "Everyone has a price." (What, did you think I meant someone other then Calvin and Hobbes?)

Hopefully, the Deacan board will finally decide something about Marcus when they meet tonight. Having most my eggs in one basket for a roommate is not my idea of fun.

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