Friday, August 23, 2002

So, where did we leave off in the grand drama? Ah yes, Wednesday. The inmates made things up as we went along for Bible Study Wednesday night. And things seemed to go well. Played whiffle ball longer then we should have, but that was fine. Talked to the other Seth for awhile afterwards. This Seth just graduated from high school, is going to COC (local community college. College of the Canyons), and has joined jr. high staff as well. So right now, all the jr. high staff attends the church year round. Anyway, good to get to know him a little better.

But I've got to share this story about Wednesday night. We're playing whiffle ball on the front lawn. A man I don't recognize pulls up, stops, and walks over to me. "Do you know you're on school property?" (BTW, have I mentioned that we run a Christian school on the church grounds during the year?) I look at him like he's crazy. While I'm trying to come up with the best response, one of the other staff (Think it was Matt, but could have been his wife Kylene) says, "Yes, but it's youth group from the church." He then decides that we're ok, "Even though they're very picky about the grass." I don't know if he meant to be this way, but he came across as totally rude. Couldn't believe it. If I'd had my wits about me, I would have responded with, "No, we're on church property," in the same tone of voice. Not the most Christian attitude, so probably best I didn't think of it in time. And, while the grass is looking nice right now, trust me, it often doesn't. But we didn't let him spoil our fun.

Yesterday I ran into several student friends after work. Matt and Jeremiah are looking forward to coming over for another season of Enterprise on Wednesday nights. Possibly a little Bablyon 5 thrown in as well. Tim (my barber for the last 10 months) in engaged and living in my complex again. Very nice to see them.

Went home to an empty apartment. :( Watched TV until I fell asleep on the couch. Then I went upstairs, where I couldn't fall asleep for 30 minutes. Make any sense? Not to me either.

Tonight, I've got some errends I have to run and then I'm off to Career group Bible Studay at Placerita Baptist.

Have a good weekend.

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