Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Our game last night was not what it was supposed to be. We went back and forth with the other team. Then in the second half, we pulled ahead and got a 16-12 lead. Now remember games are to 17 or until lights out, win by 2. They came back, and got to 16-16. Then we traded points again, until they hit the hard cap we'd put on. Final score? 18-19 them! And as soon as we were done, the lights went out. About 30 to 45 minutes later then they would have at our regular park. You know, back when we were ahead. Meanwhile, the other team was calling bogus travels while traveling all over the place themselves. Yes, I'm a little frustrated.

So, when I got home at 12, did I go straight to bed? Of course not! I had to know who the Mole was, so I watched. I'd like to remind you I correctly listed Bill as one of my suspects weeks ago. Of course, someone else had to mention it to me, but they had spotted one of the hidden clues. Still, I'm rather happy with myself over being on to him and naming him when they got down to three.

Finished my book at lunch time. Enjoyed it for the most part, but there were a few things that could have definately been cut out and I still would have been happy.

And I've discovered more problems with our stupid new bank. The statements I download sometimes have two entries on one line. Took me all afternoon to figure this out, but I finally got the second week in July done. (It's ok that I'm behind. I always reconcil July the begining of August in case we need to change anything for June when closing out the year.) Hopefully tomorrow will get easier in that reguard.

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