Monday, August 12, 2002

And here we are not posting since Thursday again. I really did intend to come by yesterday, but I couldn't get into the internet at work at all. And I came over twice. Anyway, what have I been up to? I'm go glad you asked.

Work wise, I've been trying to reconcil bank statements for July. Our new format isn't much fun at all. And it doesn't help that Elizabeth has been making some new person mistakes (completely understandable), and Phil hasn't told me about some things to watch for. I've got through the 26th done, except for $50 that Phil thinks he knows what is. Which I found out Phil might know after looking everywhere for the better part of the afternoon for it.

Saturday, Jeff and I went to Zuma beach for Santa Clarita Baptist's family beach day and hung out for a few hours. Then I got to spend some time with Debbie while she passed through town. Enjoyed seeing her, didn't enjoy the dump on Mark part of it. Yes, they're teasing, but when everything out of their mouths is dump on Mark, it gets old in a BIG hurry.

Also found out things are looking good for Dave's friend Marcus to be my next roommate. Hopefully, I'll find out more by the end of the week. Biggest downside? He's not a techno geek. I'll actually be the computer expert. Scary, isn't it?

Sunday was a great day of relaxing. Finally got to watch "Get a Clue," which I'd recorded off the Disney Channel back in June. Fun, but predictable.

Think that wraps up my weekend. Need to get this posted because Matt's coming by my apartment at 5:30. We're heading out to see Spy Kids 2 tonight. Looking forward to it!

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