Friday, February 06, 2009

Winter Weather

Guess what! It's only February 6th and we are having winter weather. Finally. Okay, so we had that snow and freezing weather in December, but since then it's been mostly warm. Like in the 70s and 80s.

Yesterday when I left for work it was mostly sunny. But it clouded up and was raining by lunch time. It rained pretty steadily for about 24 hours, took the afternoon off, then started raining again.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this storm has hit us more then it has hit northern California. They need rain just as much as we do. In fact, according to my parents they are talking about water rationing up there.

Not that we've gotten a huge amount of rain here. It's been steady but fairly light. That's probably better for letting the rain soak into the ground. But it also doesn't exactly tip the scales back toward normal.

So it's been a while since I blogged much of anything, hasn't it? Let's see.

I got my dishwasher installed a week and a half ago. I'm happy with it, at least so far. But I'm not happy with how much extra it cost to get it installed. The guy decided I need all kinds of new hoses and what not that set me back an extra $175. Granted, they did seem old and brittle. But that price was just outrageous!

Last Saturday, I met up with Angelique and we went to Glendale Centre Theatre to see Barefoot in the Park. We both loved it. Very funny. And they always do such a good job down there.

Sunday I went over to the Scroggins for lunch after church. It was a very nice, relaxing time. Then I came home and watched the Super Bowl while doing two loads of laundry. I couldn't believe how exciting the ending was.

This week has pretty much been the usual - work and hanging out at home. I just wish I had more time for the second part of that.


Kiefler said...

Here in Concord, we had .06 inches yesterday, I'm betting on .15-ish for today. Better than nothing, but doesn't exactly refill reservoirs.

Glad you like the new washer, and bummer about the hoses. Yeah, some of them are pretty expensive, because they are custom molded (i.e. one piece rather than three pieces connected together.) It makes them more manageable, but also more expensive.

Mark Baker said...

We had more than that. Hopefully, we all get more.