Friday, February 13, 2009

Amazon Math

So, the middle of last week, Amazon put a notice up on my profile page letting everyone know that I have a birthday coming up. (The idea, of course, is to get people who don't really know me to buy me something from my wish list. If you are so included, be my guest, but don't feel like you have to.)

The notice first went up around Monday or so, and it said my birthday was in four weeks. Well, they were off by a week, but I figured they were close enough.

This last weekend, the noticed changed to three weeks until my birthday. And that's what it has said all week. But my birthday is the 8th, which is four weeks from this last Sunday.

So somehow the four weeks of a month have turned into three weeks this go around.


Kiefler said...

I wonder if they shorten the time frame so that when I buy your present from them, it will arrive by your birthday. They build in some padding time for shipping.

Mark Baker said...

That's all I can figure, too. But it's sure not what they say.