Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why are We Here Again?

So last week in my readings I ran across a post from someone. (Yes, I am being vague here so you can't track it down.) The subject was how likely you were to get spiritual advice from complete strangers. This person said they lived in Northern California, so any spiritual advice they would get would be about chrystals and other new agie things. Since this was a Christian site, they said they couldn't wait to get back to the Bible belt and be around people who believed as they do again.

All I could think was how sad.

Now I grew up in Northern California myself, so I know it's not easy to deal with people who believe something other then you do on a daily basis. In the four years I spent in public high school and junior college, I faced that every day.

But that is exactly what God calls us to do. Remember the great commission? Go into all the world and preach the gospel. Not if you feel like it or are comfortable doing it. Not go hide out with all your friends in one part of the world and let everyone else go to hell. Go and preach the truth.

We so often think about missionaries when that verse comes up, but it applies to every one of us. God has placed us around unbelievers and we need to share the gospel with them.

Now I realize I am being slightly hypocritical here since I work at a Christian college. But I do play ultimate Frisbee with unbelievers. I don't live in a Christian compound. And Los Angeles isn't exactly nothing but Christians.

So remember to share the gospel wherever you are, not just run back to your comfort zone as quickly as possible. And, to borrow from St. Francis, use words if necessary.


Anonymous said...


I live in the Bible belt, but even then there are many, many unbelievers here. The main problem is that people don't realize they are unbelievers.

We all have a season when we may need to be in a "Christian bubble" to be taught and trained but for most people that bubble shouldn't last that long.

And you aren't a hypocrit for working in a Christian school - _your_ primary mission is to support those equipping young believers. Your secondary is reaching everyone else.


Mark Baker said...

That may be a bit simplistic, but it is important for me to remember. Thanks, Leslie.