Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rest of My Break

So, I came back from break with plans for stuff to watch and reviews to write. Yes, I know, I am cutting back on my reviews (3 at Amazon and 5 at Epinions is all so far.) But I have several movies on my DVR from this summer and recorded several more over the week I was gone. I wanted to get through several of those before I started back to work.

I didn't.

The 31st I knew wouldn't be a good movie watching day. I went into work for an hour or so to print some stuff off I knew my boss would need, then I headed to Pasadena for an ultimate Frisbee game. The weather was in the high 70's and sunny. I played for about three hours. It was great.

I had planned to go to a party that night, but that fell through for multiple reasons. So I wound up at home. Did I watch any of those movies? Nope. I watched the bonus features from Pushing Daisies and Chuck Seasons 1. At least I did stay up until midnight, unlike some people I could name. (And they gave some poor excuses about having a baby at home or having pnemonia.)

New Years Day, I went over and hung out with Kurt and Kellie for a while. I had intended to stay a couple of hours, but it turned out to be for a late lunch and dinner. Kurt and I played some of his new games for Wii will Kellie pre-prepared dinners for after their baby is born. It was a great day.

Friday, I went to see Bedtime Stories, which I enjoyed, and stopped by Kenny and Katherine's to get my key back. I had targetted that day to go down to Santa Monica and run on the beach, but I just didn't feel like it. Of course, it helped that a cold front came in and the tempurture dropped 20 degrees.

Saturday was shaping up to be another quiet day at home. I was still in bed reading at 11:30 AM when Kurt and I started talking on the phone. (And I don't remember who called whom). Jenny was throwing a surprise 25th birthday party for Nick that afternoon. Naturally, I couldn't pass that up. So I headed over there. We went down to the same eletric cart racing place where I had been two weeks before. Never heard of the place and suddenly I was there twice. Anyway, it was a good time. We went back to Kurt and Kellie's for pizza and an ice cream cake afterward.

Sunday found me at church then back at home doing laundry. You know, those pesky things you need to finish up before going back to work after two weeks off.

And it's a week and a half later and I still wish I were off. I really found the lazing around not doing much of anything freeing. It's been a struggle to work and at night I haven't done much productive. But it is also very freeing. For too long, I've been a slave to a pre-planned agenda. It's nice to be a little freer with my time.

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