Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Booksignings are Moving (or Something Like That)

Saturday was a busy day for me. Frankly, the entire weekend was fairly busy. Anyway, it started early Saturday morning (okay, 9AM). I helped my friends Jason and Ashley Cooper move from an upstairs condo to a house on my side of town. They had a very good sized crew there. I had planned to leave around 1, but we had everything moved by then.

So from there I went down to The Mystery Bookstore. Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin were there signing their latest tie ins. I'd never met Bill before. The two of them were highly entertaining as they shared stories of their career in Hollywood and the process of writing these books. I've already read the latest Monk novel, but I did get the Psych tie in. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm really enjoying it.

But my day wasn't over yet. From there, I went to Sears and bought a dishwasher. Believe it or not, after one evening of shopping, I knew what I wanted. And they had them on sale 20% off. So I couldn't afford not to buy it.

Sunday morning I was up early for church. Then I came home and crashed. Almost literally. I took a two hour nap. It felt so good. But I was up and back to church again that night. This Hope was doing a concert, and I really enjoy their music. That means it's probably no surprise to learn that I enjoyed that evening service.

In other news, I finally have Gold trophies in all the races of the 100cc level in Mario Kart. I have trophies in all the 150cc levels as well. Now I just need to upgrade them to Gold.

I've taken a couple of days off working out, partially because I am being lazy (yes, I admit it) and partically to see if it will help my shoulder. Actually, what I think is helping it more is the fact that I am really moving it all around at various times throughout the day. I feel funny walking around work swining my shoulder, but it if helps it heal, I'll do it.

I'm home right now waiting for them to install my new dishwasher. They'll be here sometime between now and 5PM. Naturally, I hope it is sooner rather then later. Either way, I took the entire afternoon off.


Anonymous said...


You have a Wii and MarioKart? Is your Wii connected to the Internet? I didn't even realize how easy it is to race online, until my nephew showed me. I just got MarioKart a few weeks ago (had to pay extra and buy from eBay, since it was sold out everywhere). Sweet, sweet game.


Mark Baker said...

I race online all the time. Fun feature.

Anonymous said...

My nephew and I were racing with a bunch of people from Japan. We were smoked race after race. We'll have to swap or Wii IDs.