Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Do Hereby Resolve

New Year's Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. -- Mark Twain

Honestly, that quote sums up my rather cynical take on New Years Resolutions. I've seen too many times how I was going to do X, Y, and Z in a year and by the end of January you'd never know that anything changed.

Of course, this last year was the year I actually started loosing weight thanks to the Fit Quest Work Outs. I was already formulating some fitness goals before I hurt my shoulder last month. I am still healing from that, so it has slowed down some of what I was planning.

But this year? Well, I'm going to put them out here for everyone to see. And I'm am asking all my friends to gentlely harass me about them.

So, are you ready?

1. I will read a minimum of 1 chapter in the Bible a day.

2. I will go to the dentist and the eye doctor at least once each this year.

3. I will build stronger relationships with my friends here in town.

4. I will make new friends.

5. I will go on at least one date.

6. I will start going to bed by 11 PM with the light out by 11:20.

7. While I will keep reviewing, it will not run my free time. I will write no more than 200 reviews at either Epinions or Amazon this year.

8. I will get up to date on Carolyn Hart's Henrie O. series and Parnell Hall's Puzzle Lady series.

9. I will improve my posture, especially when at my desk at work and at my computer at home.

10. I will arrive at work on time.

11. I will focus on work while on the clock and not be distracted by everything that comes along.

12. I will be able to do 100 push ups without stopping on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanskgiving.

13. I will not gain back the weight I lost this last year and work toward loosing even more.

14. I will play ultimate Frisbee at least once a month weather permitting.

15. I will still be doing the Fit Quest Workouts at the end of the year.

Wow. It looks like I am going to be busy this year.


Ryan said...

Mark - outstanding post and great goals!! I'm still working on mine --- I have to say that this set of goals is one of the BEST set of New Years Resolutions I've ever read! I'm holding you to them (especially the dating one) and I'm here to aid, assist, encourage, help, watch (but not on your date - that'd be weird)... in whatever in any way I can.

Mark Baker said...

I must admit, this post had been floating around in my head for a week now (you'll notice there was nothing about procrastinating on my list), but actually putting it down was downright scary and intimidating.

I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

KurtandKellie said...

Awesome Mark! Good to hear these things. I will help you

Michael Roe said...

Fresh post mark! I look forward to an update on the date resolution. I think the pushups is a great goal.

Leslie said...

Ergh. Blogger ate my comment.

Good luck with your goals this year Mark!

Also, if you or anyone else wants to read a great blog post about setting goals go to - she has some great ideas about setting goals and resolutions.

Anonymous said...

You? Lose weight? You're going to disappear on us! As far as I'm concerned, you've always been fit! And I have the pictures to prove it. If I can find my TB memory book..where'd it go? :-)

Good new years resolutions and a few on your list I've adopted myself. Especially the one on building stronger relationships with my friends, since I've neglected you guys for a few years, huh? Lol! :-)

Anyways, good luck this year and I'll check back periodically to see how you're doing! I'll probably be good for a few months but come March...I'll probably drift away. Ooops! BUT I'll try not to! :-)

Good luck to you! :-)

Gabi Guzman