Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter Weekend Beach League

I’ve forgotten which week we are on, and I’m too lazy to go back and count.  But I did go to beach league again this last Saturday.

We had a split week – we won the first game something like 11-7.  But we lost the second game 8-11.  What was most frustrating was we dominated the team in the first half of the game.  It was 6-2 at half, and we turned that into a 8-11 loss.  Okay, so the other team really stepped up on defense, but we just weren’t trying as hard either.

There are six teams this year, and that seems to mean there are fewer people per team.  As a result, I’m playing more than I’m used to playing.  It has its good and bad points.  Obviously, I love playing the game; heck, I play for an hour or two straight on Sundays at pick up, so it’s not the play time or time on the field that are my concern.  It’s the fact that I feel more pressure during a league game.  That’s where my concern comes from.  I notice when I mess up and turn the disc over more.  Or when I can’t get my guy on defense.  How down are teams?  We are always looking for subs it seems, and even then, we didn’t have enough for a full second line.  That’s a lot of extra playing time for me.

It was overcast Saturday, and windy the first game.  It died down for most of the second game, which was nice, although I’ve played with stronger winds in the past.

And we finally got carpooling going!  I drove, and I had a full car.  Yes, that means driving across town, but it is nice not driving down and back by myself.

Our losses mean we have dropped down to fourth with a 5-4 record.  Still, I’m more than willing to take it, especially after our 0-3 start and my team not winning any games last year at all.

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