Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Beach League Week 2

We had two more games of beach league on Saturday.  And we lost.  I know, shocking, right?

There was a beach tournament going on about a mile from where we normally play, so we picked up and moved our games to be by the tournament.  I hated that!  I always have the worst time figuring out where everyone is.  I actually walked probably a mile in the wrong direction first.  But I still managed to be on time for the first game.  That’s how late we started.

The other thing is we were short on players.  I mean, when I’m playing three points in a row, that means we are short on players.  I normally only play a couple points a half.  We only had 8 guys show up, and with 5 on the field at one time, there weren’t a lot of subs.

We may have lost, but I had fun.  I even scored once and threw a score another time, which I was very happy about.  Yes, I got scored on and threw some turns, but we are focusing on the positive.

And, speaking of the positive, it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was at least mid-70’s and sunny.  There was a fairly steady wind, but it wasn’t a strong wind.  I really didn’t want to head home when it was time to leave, but I had some things to get back for, so I did.  We may have lost, but the weather made it worth it.

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