Monday, July 09, 2018

Two More Losses

Yep, my summer league team is continuing our losing ways.  We had another blow out two weeks ago.  We did well in the second half, but with the hole we’d dug for ourselves, it was still a 7-15 loss.

Last week, our game was on Tuesday, so we had a lighter turn out.  That also means I played much more than I usually do.  I did fairly well at that.  Actually, I’m feeling pretty well about how I’m doing in summer league overall.  I think it’s because I’m not feeling super pressured each time I’m on the field.  I’m relaxed, so I’m doing better.  What a difference the team makes, right?

Anyway, even though we were low on numbers, we did well.  We still lost, but it was 13-15.  We tied it up multiple times, and we were even ahead late in the game by one point.  It would have been wonderful to pull off a win, but it didn’t happen.  There’s always this coming week, right?

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