Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Down and Dirty 2016

Sunday the 10th was my first mud run of the year.

Down and Dirty was back in town (literally), and I signed up.  I thought I was going to do it with a friend, but he wasn’t able to make it after all, so it was just me.  And it was cooler than I would have liked, but not so cold as to be unpleasant.

The course was the same as always, which is to say fun.  I still hate the one giant hill they have us go up near the half-way point, but other than that, they’ve got some very fun obstacles.

And I can’t complaint about the distance.  It’s about 30 minutes from home, one of two I do that are so nicely close.

This was also the end of an era.  After the run, I donated my mud run shoes, the only shoes I’ve done mud runs in for 5 years.  They had a lot of holes in the top and I couldn’t see them lasting too much longer.  But not to fear, I have several pairs of old running shoes around the condo, and I will be putting them into service as mud runs shoes starting with my next mud run.  I’ve got three lined up in June, and I may slip one in May before then.

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