Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Fun Weekend with Friends

I've gotten very far behind on this, haven't I?  It's time for some serious catch up.

The first weekend in February (see what I mean?), I hung out with friends all weekend.

Saturday, I spent the day with Joe, Erica, and their kids.  I went for lunch and stayed through dinner.  It was absolutely wonderful catching up with them and playing some with their kids.  It had been entirely too long since I'd seen them.

That Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday (yes, I'm really that far behind), and I accepted a last minute invitation to go watch it with my friend and pastor and his family and another couple we all know from church and ultimate Frisbee.  It was a nice, relaxing afternoon.  I had planned to work on my computer while "watching" the game, and that obviously didn't happen, but I had a great time just relaxing and chatting and paying more attention than I have to any single football game in years.  The game wasn't the greatest, but the company more than made up for it.

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