Monday, March 14, 2016

Disney Day 2016

Okay, let’s see about getting this back on track.  After taking last week off, I’m still almost a month behind since I will now be talking about February 20th.

That was the annual Disney day that my alma mater does.  The tickets aren’t quite as discounted for alumni as they were when I was on staff, but the savings is still nice.  It’s usually the only time I go to Disneyland itself (we’re not talking about trips to Downtown Disney but the park itself), so I look forward to it each year.

This year, the park was crowded.  I mean, I waited almost an hour for small world.  Yikes, right?  It didn’t help that I slept in a little since I got to bed late and didn’t get down there right when the park opened.

But it was still very much worth it.  I got in everything I wanted to do, including the new and improved Peter Pan.  Okay, so there aren’t that many changes, but it was still fun to spot them.

Oh, and in a piece of random fun, the first person I ran into that I knew was an ultimate Frisbee friend with no connection to the college.  Did see people from the college later, but that was just so funny.

And I joined the Dapper Dans for one song.  This barbershop quartet asked the audience to come join them for Zip a dee doo dah, but only about half a dozen of us did.  Still, it was fun.

The weather was perfect.  I thought it might be cold, but I didn’t have to put on my sweatshirt until after it was dark.

But really, any day at Disneyland is a great day, right?

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