Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More Productive Weekend

I actually had a more productive weekend this last weekend.  I got more decorating done including just a tad of the ornament organizing I need to do.  Mind you, I said a tad.  I still have so much I should be doing.  I only have one present left to buy.  About the only thing I haven’t done yet is wrap presents.  I’ve got a lot of wrapping to do, so I need to start on that soon.  Probably tomorrow night during the Survivor finale.  Got to do something to keep my entertained during those three hours.

Heck, I even cut my hair on Saturday and rewatched Return of the Jedi to be ready for Thursday night.  Yes, that’s right, I’m going to see the new Star Wars moving on Thursday night.  Getting very excited for it, too!

Other news?  Not much.  Crazy busy at work.  About to start reading books for 2016 (have three book reviews due that first week).  And other than that, not much new to report.

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