Friday, November 13, 2015

Wipeout Run and Lunch

Last weekend, I did my final obstacle run of 2015 – the Wipeout Run.  This used to be known as the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge, but they teamed up with the show and rebranded themselves.

As a run, I found it disappointing.  We wove back and forth in a parking lot.  I’d be shocked if we really ran a mile.  The ROC races were definitely closer to 3 miles long.

However, the obstacles were fun.  Yes, they had the big balls, although they were really more like small/medium balls and in a bounce house.  Still, that was enough for me, especially considering I couldn’t land a jump to any of them.  There were a couple of giant slides and a balance across a beam while dodging big balls spinning around obstacle.  That one was tons of fun.  No mud at this one, but water in a few obstacles.

Afterward, I got together with Joy and Christopher, who lived in the area for a late lunch.  We hung out at the restaurant and talked for a couple of hours, and it was a blast.

Plus I got to listen to half of a book on tape that day, which is always fun.

Sadly, I stopped at Downtown Disney trying to find a calendar.  I spent almost two hours looking around for it, but when I finally found the right person to ask, they were sold out of it.  I would have liked that time for other things.  Oh well.  That was the only bad part of an overall fun day.

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