Thursday, November 19, 2015

Full Circle at Glendale Centre

I’ve now been going to Glendale Centre Theatre for 10 years.  I first ventured down there at the end of 2005 after hearing great things about it for a couple of years.  That first play I saw was Arsenic and Old Lace.  And last weekend, I got to see that play again.

Of course, with a different cast and a different director, the play wasn’t completely the same.  That’s one thing I love about live theater.  But the play was still fabulous.  It has so many witty lines and just absurd situations that you can’t help but love it.  And yes, it is better than the movie, which I watched after the first time I saw the play.  Much, much better.

The first couple of plays I went to see I went without Angelique, but once we discovered how much we both loved that theater, we’ve been going together ever since.  That means she hadn’t seen this play the first time, and I was thrilled to get to introduce her to it.  She enjoyed it as much as I did, which made me feel good.

I only wound up seeing one play in 2006, and it’s one of their plays next spring.  I can’t wait to see it again and enjoy some plays I haven’t seen there before as well.  Obviously, I may have gone full circle, but I’m not planning to stop going any time soon.

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