Thursday, July 16, 2015

Much Better Game

It’s amazing how much difference a new night can make.  I showed up last night to find that ultimate players were the only people on the field.  Yeah!  The sprinklers didn’t come on.  The lights stayed on (although we ended early).  It was a great night for ultimate.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win.  The final score was 11-15.  We were only behind by one at half, but we got impatient and antsy during the second half.  Still, it was a great game with great spirit on both sides.  I mentioned it was fun, right?

Personally, I was at 50% for the night.  I got the disc twice.  Once I was too quick and threw it away.  The other time I hold on to it and waited for the second person to get opened and threw it to them successfully.  I don’t remember getting scored on either, which was a nice change from last week.

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