Monday, March 16, 2015

Winter League Tournament

I’m over a week behind talking about fun stuff again.  For example, there’s the winter league tournament from March 7th.

All the games we’d played during the two months of winter league lead up to this all day tournament.  It was all about seeding, and we went in the 13th seed out of 15.  I’d love to say we pulled off a miracle and somehow pulled out a win, but the truth is, we played about as well as I expected we would.

Because the higher ranked teams got a first round bye or two, we actually started off playing a team that was fairly close to us in seed.  Despite trading points early on, we wound up losing that game fairly decidedly, which placed us at the lowest of the loser brackets.  There were only six games for the first round, and three teams in that loser bracket, so it was a best two out of three round robin format.

And those last two games?  They were against the other two lowest teams, aka the two teams we beat all season.  And the games went pretty much how I expected they would – we won both games.  So we finished the season in 13th place – our seed going in.  I’d say the seeding was fairly accurate.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out unscathed.  Our high school woman hurt her ankle and out of our guys seriously messed up his knee.  They both appear to be recovering, but hopefully it will continue without surgery (which is a possibility for one of them).

We also had to draft a woman at the last minute since ours had things come up.  We would have played a woman down if the teams we played and the commissioner hadn’t been gracious in letting us do this.  Amazingly enough, I’d just met the woman who stepped in the week before at random.  God is good.

The injuries did put a damper on things, but overall it was a fun day.  I even topped it off with two parties that night.  Okay, so it was just brief appearances at both.  It made the day long, and I was beat by the time I went to bed, but it was a very fun day.

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