Friday, March 20, 2015

Irvine Lake’s Spring Break at the Lake 2015

Mud run season is in full swing.  Okay, so I’m signed up for one a month between now and July, and I’m hoping to extend that through at least October.  (August is going to be the hard month to find one for).  So it’s hard to call it a season.  But I have done my first mud run of 2015.

And I started it out where I often do, Irvine Lake.  This is still a favorite mud run, and this time didn’t disappoint.  The course was pretty much what I expected, including the mud slide.  It was a bit more popular this year, so I only did it once since I didn’t want to wait in the line any more for it.  Still, the line wasn’t nearly as long as it had been in the past.  It helps that it is near the end instead of near the beginning.

There was mud.  Lots of mud.  And a few climbing obstacles.  That was actually the one thing they added I didn’t especially care for, ropes over a rock obstacle.  I had a hard time getting my feet in the ropes, and I hate heights, so it wasn’t the best for me.  Still, I did it successfully.

They must have had a problem with their showers because they had a water truck spraying us down next to the shower.  I think I lucked out since I could get into a group that was being hosed down as soon as I finished.  Later, it looked like people were having to wait for a water truck to come back.

Afterwards, I met up with some friends for lunch at a Mexican place they found on line.  Then we all headed to one of their apartments and played Ticket to Ride.  The first time I’d played, so I didn’t do super well, but it was fun, and I completely enjoyed getting to see them.

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