Monday, March 02, 2015

Close Win

We got another win under our belt last week for winter league, but it wound up being closer than it should have been.

Because of the way the schedule has worked out this time, we played a team we’d already played and beaten.  However, they were coming off a tough loss and we were coming off that shut out game and a bye week, so we both really wanted to win.  We had numbers, but that means nothing, as we will see.

The game started out strong for us with a 6-0 lead before they scored.  But then they kept coming back and closing the gap.  The final score was 15-12.  And that was them having two female and one male subs to our one female and 12 male subs.  Yeah, numbers on the sidelines mean nothing.

I was a bit frustrated with my performance since I got the disc three times and threw it away twice.  Both times, I threw it behind Abby.  Once would have been a score, too.  Frustrating since I can throw it so much better than that.  The third time, I did manage to pass it on to a teammate despite being fouled multiple times by my guy as I was standing there trying to throw it.

It was a close, exciting game, and I really truly had a great time.  We are supposed to play tomorrow night, but we will see if the fields are dry enough with the rain we’ve been getting this weekend.  Not that I’m complaining since we do need the rain and it would be the first rain out for us of winter league.

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