Friday, January 23, 2015

Busy First Half

Wow, are we down to almost the final week of January?  The month has flown by.

Much of that was working.  Not only did we have our normal month end stuff to do, but it was fiscal year end.  And a member of the team is out on medical leave, so we all had to pick up her slack.  There were plenty of late nights, including the nights of my first two winter league ultimate Frisbee games.  It was crazy, but we made it!

Fortunately, I had weekends to relax.  I’ve only done things one weekend, and that was this last one when I met up with a group of friends in Downtown Disney for brunch.  There was a lot of us: Sue Ann, Heide, Shirley, Angelique, Doug, Chris, and me.  Our group just keeps on growing.  The only issue we have with this meeting is that it is also race weekends at Disneyland (which is why Shirley and Doug are in the area), and the traffic around the park is much worse than normal.  But it is worth it, and we always have a lot of fun.

Plus, after brunch, I went pin shopping.  I don’t think I’d been down there for about 11 months, which is the longest in a while, so I saw lots of new pins I need.  Yes, need.  I bought about half a dozen of them with more purchases planned when I am down there next month to go to the parks.

This weekend?  There’s a national read-a-thon in the afternoon, and I think I’m going to participate in that.  Otherwise, I’m going to sit around and do nothing.  Sounds absolutely wonderful, doesn’t it?

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