Friday, September 26, 2014

Survivor Mud Run 2014

Last Saturday, I got to introduce a friend to the joys of mud runs.  David, a friend from ultimate Frisbee (and the friend who plays under water hockey), joined me for the Survivor Mud Run down at Lake Elsinore.

This is actually one of my favorite mud runs because they always make the mud so thick and gooey.  Plus there’s the inflatable slide down into the lake at one point.  Both of those things still held true.  The obstacles were pretty much standard.  And I really, really need to learn to do monkey bars.

While we were dropping off our bags, one of the new friends I’d made at the Gladiator Rock ‘n’ Run back in June spotted us.  He did the run with us a second time, so there were actually three of us going through the course.

Even better, David seemed to enjoy himself, although I think the next one he wants to do is one close to home.  But he is talking about a next time, so that’s good.

Unfortunately, they put the changing tents way far away from the bag check.  And it looks like the lines for the bag check was super long, at least when we got there.  Fortunately, there was a separate drop off line, which was super short.

As always when I go down there, it was a long day.  But it was also a fun day.

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