Monday, October 21, 2013

The Continuing Saga of My Car Troubles

So, here’s a summary of my weekend.

Spencer was out of town this weekend, but my car was ready to be picked up.  Arranged to get a ride from Spencer’s to my mechanic, so I pick up my car.  I’m almost home when my check engine light comes on.  It’s still on the next morning, so I take my car back.  They keep it all day and fixed a couple of things (spark plugs, etc).  It’s fine Saturday night, but last night driving home from ultimate, the light comes on again.

Meanwhile, a couple of times, my transmission had shifted down to either first or neutral and stayed there.  It had concerned me, but when I was almost home from ultimate, it stayed there for the final half mile home.  Obviously, it’s not working right either.

I took a quick shower and dropped my car off at my mechanics, planning to go take Spencer’s car again.  Only it won’t start.  Most likely the battery, which he has known needs to be replaced soon but he hasn’t worried about.

Fortunately, I learned six months ago or so that one of my co-workers lives in my condo complex.  Even more fortunately, I have his phone number.  I got a ride in to work with him this morning.  The down side, we left an hour earlier than normal for me.  He normally starts even earlier than that, so if I’m going to keep getting a ride from him, I’m going to have to be leaving by 6 instead of 7:30 like I have been.  On the plus side, I can get to and from work.

I’m frustrated.  And tired.  Very tired.

I had nothing planned this weekend but relaxing at home.  Not sure about the relaxing part, but at least I had time to deal with all this.


That Loud Redhead said...

I hate car troubles! You have my sympathy…

Mark Baker said...

Thanks. I just want to be able to drive again soon.