Tuesday, October 15, 2013

That Dam Mud Run 2013

Sadly, we have reached that point in the year again – the time of my last mud run of the year.  Fortunately, the weather warmed up just enough that it was still pleasant out.  Not too hot; not too cold.

I did this one with a co-worker.  We’d done the obstacle run together back in July, but this was his first mud run.

This was the second year for this run at this location, but it’s put on by the people who do Irvine Lake, one of my favorites.  They really changed the course layout this year, skipping the part by the swim lagoon but focusing on the back half where all the mud was last year.

And that meant they really upped the mud factor.  There were lots and lots of mud pits.  In fact, I wouldn’t have minded a few different kinds of obstacles, but I feel like they are still determining what they can do at this location.

Anyway, we both got muddy and had fun.  As I always say, what else matters?

Some of the mud pits were pretty slick, too.  It was almost impossible to get out of them the sides were so slick.  But obviously we did make it out since we aren’t still in the mud.

It doesn’t seem quite as popular as some of the others I do yet.  Hopefully that will grow because it’s less than an hour from my house, always a plus since so many seem to be in Orange County.

Sadly, for the next six months I’m mud run less.  I know of a few happening, but I don’t want to risk the weather.  It could be fine or it could be very cold.  And if it’s cold, these are no fun at all.  So I’ll wait until spring.  I’m already eyeing my first mud run which could be the spring edition of Irvine Lake.


That Loud Redhead said...

" But obviously we did make it out since we aren’t still in the mud."

Ha! Glad you survived! I'd say it sounds like fun, but you know how I feel about mud. ;)

Mark Baker said...

LOL. Don't worry. I won't be signing you up for one next year.