Monday, October 28, 2013

Car Fixed - Finally

Considering I was without my car for a week, I did a remarkable job of getting to and from work.  God had really been providing for me because I have a co-worker who lives in my complex as well as one near me.  They start very early, so I had to get up and get out the door early, but I got four days of work in.  Friday, they both wound up not working, so I was stuck at home.  All told, I’m thankful.

Meanwhile, the mechanic had decided what I suspected all along, the problems I was having last weekend were related to a cable they had found that needed to be fixed.  They thought I could drive it with the cable as it was.  Obviously not.  So they ordered the part on Wednesday and it came in Friday.  They fixed it for me right away and then came and picked me up Friday afternoon.

They test drove it quite a bit, and I drove it all over town over the weekend as well as to and from work today.  I feel confident in finally say that it is fixed.  The cable needs to stretch a little, and it doesn’t always seem to register that it is in park, but that’s the only issue.  If it keeps acting up, I’ll have them take a look at it when I get my oil changed next time.  For the time being, I can get it into park when I need to.

The car is running great, the transmission is shifting just fine.  I think I can start putting this entire episode behind me.

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