Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for July 20th

Covert Affairs - So, who wants to bet that flash forward we started with turns out the be the end of the mid-season break?  Very interesting direction they're taking the show this season, that's for sure.

Suits - They are setting up some interesting personal conflicts this season.  Looks like Donna is the only one Harvey will be relying on, and the wedge between Jessica and Harvey will be interesting to watch.  Harvey is a spoiled brat, but I still like him.

Melissa & Joey - Once again, it was the sub-plot with the kids I enjoyed the most.  Although that friend of Mel's was certainly a piece of work.

Royal Pains - A bit more medicine to this show, is that the first time all season?  Evan can be so dense - that wasn't a bribe, that was just their neighbor trying to show her thanks for saving her painting.  Watching him in local politics is going to be very interesting for sure.  I'm still trying to figure out if he will win or not.

Necessary Roughness - Again, a darker episode.  So, what does the FBI truly want?  You know it wasn't just that guy who was stealing money.  That's too obvious and too early in the season.

Wipeout - Enough with the themes.  Just let us see some normal people wiping out!  Of course, the nick names for the couples and the jokes surrounding them were still pretty fun.

Summer Camp - The women lost again.  Frankly, my money is on them to keep losing unless the challenges are changed around pretty quickly.  Shocker who went home, that's for sure.

Burn Notice - I still can't get a read on where they are headed this season.  I thought I knew, but now I'm not so sure.  Which means it will be a wild ride.

Graceland - I'm going to give it another week, but I think I'm bored with the entire show.  Something major will have to be done or I may walk away from my first USA Network show ever.

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