Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for July 13th

I just finally finished watching and wrote up all my thoughts at once.  I just hope I didn't miss anything.

And last week?  All my shows took the week off, which was nice since I was out of town, too.

Melissa & Joey - So that looks like the end of Austin.  Of all the guest star relationships, he's been my favorite.  Of course, they always give Mel the good ones.  Loved the Lennox and Ryder story, and Lennox's observation at the end.  She got it even in Joey didn't.

Royal Pains - Leave it to the Lawsons to make a pregnancy funny, although Jeremiah's blurt out was pretty good, too.  Once again, the characters are pulling together, which I love.

Necessary Roughness - So I wonder if they'll bring this self-help guru back.  I knew what was going on with him almost immediately.  I really felt like there is more to the story, but we'll have to see if they bring him back or not.  And Ian Gifford?  Brilliantly acted that part.

Wipeout - The exes didn't fight as much as I thought they might, which was nice.  So is the show always going to be themed now?

Summer Camp - I know, another reality show.  But I couldn't help it, it looked like so much fun.  And I think it will be.  Mindless and forgettable, but fun.

Burn Notice - That was a tense episode, and I'm glad to see them back in Miami.  Very curious how they are going to wrap up this storyline and the series.

Graceland - Giving some of the other agents a chance to shine - I like it.  Pretty heavy stuff.  This is definitely darker than their normal fair.  Still can't decide if I like it or not.

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