Saturday, July 27, 2013

TV Recap for July 27th

Covert Affairs – The show has gotten really good this season.  At least in these two episodes they are really focusing on the storyline and advancing that well.  Can’t wait to see where this is all going.  Finally really pulling me in.

Suits – Poor Louis again.  The guy is a jerk, but they totally disregard him as well.  At least Mike and Harvey are back together.  But Harvey aiming to take Jessica down is still going to create all kinds of conflict.  I can’t wait!

Melissa & Joey – I hated that episode.  I always hope they will focus on the kids, but this was bad all the way around.

Royal Pains – Evan campaigning in making me cringe, but I enjoyed the rest of the episode.  Divya living with Jeremiah is going to be very interesting to watch.  And I like how they have a new plan to figure out what is in the house that is causing all this conflict.

Necessary Roughness – Another show that has really hit its stride this season.  I’d say that this is the last we’ve seen of the Hawks.  Very interested to see where the problems at V3 lead.

Wipeout – I knew the circus guy was going to win.  It was way too obvious because he's just athletic enough.  So many great puns, however.  I really enjoyed the episode for that reason.

Summer Camp – I wish I could remember who is was who voted the "wrong way" the first week.  Was it Mike or Mikey?  I know it wasn't Chris, but everyone has been gunning for him ever since.  Yet they couldn't get rid of him this week.  Oh, and I would have hated to be part of the challenge this week.  So now we've got a women working with the guys and a guy working with the women.  This will get interesting fast.

Burn Notice – I don’t like episodes where a character is interrogated for the entire episode.  No matter what show tries to do it, I find it boring and hard to watch.

Graceland – So it looks like the guy really is dealing drugs.  Or is it all part of some ruse we don’t know about yet.  Still, my guess is he really is dirty.  And I don’t see where the show goes from here to keep it going long term if it is as straightforward as it looks now.

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