Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Another Week, Another Summer League Loss

Oh, should I have put a spoiler alert before that title?

Last night was another summer league game.  It was another hard fought battle.  But we lost yet again, 15-17 this time around.

For me, the highlight was getting to play against Chuck, a man three decades older than me, so in other words a man I can almost keep up with.  Man, I really need to get faster with my running.  Anyway, he’s a stand up guy who is always fun to play against.

I even got a D.  It helped that they hucked it down the field to Chuck, but it came right to me.  I caught it and passed it on.

I almost scored, too.  It went over a teammate’s head and was coming right to me.  But just before I got it, Chuck managed to get the D.  Fortunately, he swatted it, and it went to my teammate who successfully caught it.  She bobbled it a bit first, but she did manage to get control.

Other than that, I did get opened a bit more than I had before and was able to get some nice gains.  Sadly, I missed a couple of the discs and threw it away twice, once for a score.

My team thought I did great, but I was frustrated.  I don’t know if I really play better at pick up or if I just feel that way since I’m not keeping track of every mistake I make.  At least I’m the one who is hardest on me on the field, which I always appreciate.

Next week is out week off, and then we play on Friday, so it will be two and a half weeks before we play again.

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