Monday, December 17, 2012

Meeting Ivanova

A week ago yesterday, I got to geek out.

It all started when I checked in on Twitter that morning.  I saw a post from Claudia Christian saying she was going to be doing a book signing in Burbank that afternoon.

Now those who know me well know I love the TV show Babylon 5.  And my favorite character on the show is Susan Ivanova, played by Claudia Christian.  Naturally, it was a no brainer that I would go.

The signing itself was pretty laid back.  No talk or discussion, just her at a table signing books.  I wound up buying a much shorter book she had previous put out that has some stories from her time at conventions.

I did get to chat with her for a couple of minutes, and I got to tell her how much Babylon 5 has meant to me over the years.  And she was amazed that I started in season 4 and stuck with the show since that was pretty much the climax of the story arc.

For those who don’t know, every time I have watched this show, it’s been with someone new.  While we’ve watched these 5 seasons, we’ve gone from friends to great friends because the time spent together always leads to other things.  The line stretches from Debbie and Josh, who introduced me, to Donald and Jeff and Matt and Joe and a different Josh today.  Along the way, wives have also joined my circle of friends as a result.  There have been others as well, but these spring to mind at the moment.

And those have been some of my closest friends over the years.  Obviously, I have other close friends who I haven’t watched the show with, but that’s an impressive group from one TV show.  Who would have guessed a TV show would do that.

So you can bet that was the highlight of my week last week.  I just hope I didn’t come across as anything other than I am – a somewhat (okay very) obsessed fan who is actually fairly normal.

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