Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly TV Recap

It really is amazing how just a couple hours of TV out of my life makes my life easier.  Fall season is winding down.  I think I can do this.  At least, I hope I can make it another week or two.  Next year, I won't get involved in so many shows.  (Yeah, I'm laughing, too.)

The Amazing Race - Well, my guys weren't U-Turned.  But sadly one of the groups that was U-Turned did go home.  The only team I really want to see leave is Jeremy and Sandy, who came in next to last.  The father son team were definitely cool and didn't seem like they had something to prove to each other, which was a real nice change from the normal on that show.  I'm sorry to see them go.  Meanwhile, I can't see why the one woman is obsessed with winning at least one leg.  The only leg that really matters is the last one.  Why so insistent?

Once Upon a Time - That was an interesting twist with Cinderella, having her dealing with Rumplestilkins.  And I wonder how that fit the time line since Snow was obviously there at Ella's wedding.  I like how that played out in Storybrook as well with Mr. Gold having bought the baby.  I wonder what favor he's going to want from Emma now.  And do we know who the sheriff is yet?  Because I'm thinking the Huntsman, although I could be wrong there.  We definitely know why he is so willing to do the Mayor's bidding.

Terra Nova - I'm so glad Josh confessed.  That took a lot of guts.  Meanwhile, the investigation into the scientist was fascinating.  I like the twist and how they played that murder out.  Much better than last week's murder.

The Sing-Off - Well, there goes the group I was rooting for the most.  I'm sure the winners will be the Urban group, although I think I might be rooting for Penatonix now.  I must admit I've lost some interest somewhere along the way.  I think they had too many groups and it was too spread out.  I much liked it when it was on for a few weeks in December.  I think this also means I would never last with American Idol, not that I was planning to start watching it.

Covert Affairs - It must be the accent, but I spend the entire time that Ohed is on screen trying to understand what he is saying.  He really needs to stop mumbling.  And why is it I can never really remember any of these guest stars they bring back.  It's like I can't remember what is happening on this show unless it involves the main characters.  Ranting aside, I did enjoy this episode and Ohed's character.  Jai surprised me at the end, taking the credit/blame for the bad guy being shot.  I wonder what that was all about.

Ringer - Gemma isn't dead??!!  The ending got me.  I so wanted her to be found.  So who is John and why is he working with Shabon.  And it looks like the affair is going to come out.  What will that do to Bridget since she's the one who isn't guilty?  Since the episode in two weeks is the fall finale, I'm expecting some pretty big shocks to the system.  I'll just be curious how it all plays out.

Psych - Another very funny episode.  I figured out the real killer part way through, but it was so funny with so many great lines.  It's a classic.

Survivor - This episode was completely predictable.  Ozzy won at Redemption.  Shocking.  The other two people from his tribe got sent to join him.  Again, shocking.  Next week will be much more interesting as they have to turn on each other.  I'm afraid that Coach is going to win.  I hope that's not the case, but it sure is looking that way.

Big Bang Theory - So, Sheldon and Amy have made it official.  Sure looks to me like things haven't changed between them at all.  It will be interesting to see if things changed between them at all.  Meanwhile, the bits with that expansion pack the guys were playing looked way too familiar, especially Leonard having to get the special edition even though he already had the regular one.

Burn Notice - Wow was that an intense episode.  I knew they'd get the guys out of the factory, but I was still very much on the edge of my seat to see how.  And more Madeline.  I love it when they really get her involved, but I felt so sorry for her this time around.  I loved Michael trying to save Bernie at the end.  That last scene was just so intense.  The scientist they were trying to rescue looked so much like Morgan from Chuck, I spent most of the episode trying to figure out if it was him or not.  Turned out to be his older brother.

Nikita - Another intense episode, but I wasn't that happy with this one.  Burkoff being tortured sure wasn't any fun.  I'm interested to see how this all goes down with Alex in Russia.  And will Nikita get her hands on another black box?

Chuck - I promise, you only have 9 more episodes to listen to this whine.  I can't believe this show is ending.  I laughed so hard at this one tonight.  Jeff as a responsible adult has actually brought some life to the Buy More gang and made that part of the show fun.  Casey playing with Morgan over the things he liked was great.  That last scene would have made me very happy (until they arrested Casey, of course) as a series finale shot.  A perfect episode.

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