Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for November 6th

So, you'll notice that I'm a day late with this post.  That's because I just finished watching TV for the week.  I've got to figure out a way to cut out some shows.  If I have the nerve to do anything other than watch TV, I fall this far behind.  It's not good.

Anyway, here's what I did watch this week.

The Amazing Race - I'm so glad it was a non-elimination leg, although to be honest, there's really only one or two teams I want to see go.  I want the snowboarders to win, but I still like most of the teams and hate to see anyone go.  I'm just glad the grandparents didn't wind up having to leave because they didn't pay their driver.  I would hate to have anyone go out that way.

Once Upon a Time - It's official, I love this show.  And this is coming from the guy who didn't want to get caught up in another serialized show.  I just hope that these guys are show runners do a better job than their bosses did on Lost of telling a complete story.  The scenes between the Mayor and Emma were electric.  I hope Emma has indeed come around, although that's probably too early.  And I'm wondering who remembers what from their old lives.  I think that Mr. Gold knows, but I'm still wondering about the Mayor.

The Sing-Off - The team saved from the bottom two last week is gone this week.  I hope that Urban whatever the rest of their name is goes next.  I'm really not a fan of their style of music.  It was fun to see Committed again.  But I really got a kick out of the group that did Queen's music tonight, especially since they did "Somebody to Love."  One of the lead singers in downhere, a band I love, has done a YouTube cover of that song that has gone viral, so it was fun for me to hear someone else cover it.

Terra Nova - Yes, a mystery.  You know I have to critic that.  It was actually okay.  Not the best mystery I've ever seen, but still pretty decent.  I was glad the married couple wound up being innocent and living happily ever after.

Castle - Sooner or later, every cop show seems to think they need to do the main character held hostage in a bank episode.  And this one had some of the same predictable plot points, although I fell for it just like I do every time.  The actors made those moments so real that I believe them.  The ultimate reason behind the bank robbery was wonderfully put together.  I never would have guessed that.  It redeemed a cliched plot and made it feel wonderfully creative.  And it was fun seeing the robbers using TV doctors as their code names, too.

Dancing with the Stars - I've hardly given this show much time this season, but I think I'll be giving it less.  David was the only reason I was "watching."  I'm not saying it wasn't his time to go, but I'm not that attached to anyone else at this point.

Covert Affairs - Jai suddenly seems to be a man of manipulation.  His whole sub-plot getting the new assignment is going to be very interesting.  Using his friend and then his dad, however, doesn't win him points with me.  I felt sorry for Annie innocently making a friend and then having to use him to get more information.  That whole thing was pretty hard to watch.

Ringer - So Gemma is indeed dead.  Yet the new sponsor is actually the killer?  Yikes!  And since when did Shabaan go from Bridget is ruining everything to wanting Bridget's secret safe.  Meanwhile, with the old sponsor in New York, will the truth come out?  And now everyone is going to know that Bridget isn't pregnant, especially after that scene about how much the baby means to the husband.  This just gets more complicated every week.

Psych - The scene with Mantis fighting in the warehouse with all the Batman words was hysterical.  As were both Shawn and Gus' superheroes.  Also didn't see the final twist coming.  All in all, it was another fun episode.

Survivor - So, Ozzy gets back in the game only to have Cochran turn his back on everyone and switch sides.  I am interested to see how he is going to try to spin this.  But the real question is, will everyone now be gunning for him, or will the other side take him on their team, at least until they get down to seven.  I think he's just cut his own throat, but we'll see.

The Big Bang Theory - Amy has some weird ideas on things, but this was a pretty funny episode.  I'm just wondering what they are saying about Leonard behind his back.

Burn Notice - If I didn't trust the writers in this show to come up with a way for Michael to defeat this latest big bad, I might actually be worried.  Until then, I'm going to enjoy watching him squirm as the stakes have never been hirer for him.  I am wondering how this will lead into next year.  And so many great lines in the episode.  I just love this show.

Charlie's Angels - I think my biggest disappointment with the fact that this show has been canceled is the fact that we will never know what secret they were hinting at with Charlie.  That certainly intrigues me along with the fun of the individual episodes.

Chuck - I was very confused when Morgan didn't recognize the Indy reference since I was thinking it myself.  But then they made it a plot point.  Wow, Morgan is definitely changing, and not for the better.  Again, I trust the writers and I think they will fix things by the end.  (At least I hope they will.  Some of those interviews make it sound like they want to end things at least somewhat badly.  But that's never been the show.  It's always been about fun.)

Nikita - I knew it!  I knew that Ryan couldn't really be dead.  How his working with Amanda to take down Oversight is going to work out, however, I have no clue.  Meanwhile, the writers, who I assume are here in So Cal, need to learn that Camp Pendleton is a Marine base, not a Navy base (although I'm sure there could be overlap).  And Alex basically a prisoner of Division even if they are "protecting" her?  This season has officially gotten very good.

Grimm - This is an easy cut for me to make from my watch list.  After two episodes, I'm not really that engage either with the characters or the story they are trying to tell.  I'm curious how they will continue to build on fairytales for each episode, but not enough to watch week after week.

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