Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for November 26th

Amazing, isn't it, how a holiday sends lots of shows into reruns.  I like that because it's so easy to catch up when I get back into town.

Amazing Race - Yes, that was me you heard yelling when I found out it was a to be continued episode.  I wanted to know who would get eliminated.  I'm guessing the older couple gets eliminated assuming there is an elimination since I didn't see them in the scenes from next week.  I'll be sorry to see them gone, but at least the snowboarders are still in it.

The Sing-Off - I pretty much figured that Urban Method would make the finals back in the first episode.  Not too surprised Pentatonix is there as well.  I think the only reason we got a normal group last season was because we didn't have any of these groups with tons of flash.  I guess that means I'm pulling for the college group, although they weren't my favorite of the season either.

Terra Nova - So, that's the back story behind the commander's son.  So I'm wondering if he's telling the truth now or what exactly the other side of the story is.  Because the Sixers sure have implied that he's out for himself, but he sure talks a good story about how he's out for the future of humanity.

Castle - That was intense.  Of all their serious episodes, this was the best.  The acting was incredible.  Watching Kate go through all that was uncomfortable for me, but she nailed every moment.  And the new Captain was actually working with Castle at one point.  I hope that's a sign she is softening a little.

Covert Affairs - All that training, and Annie doesn't get to do the marathon.  Watching her try to deal with the two sisters really showed off her character.  The episode itself was okay, but the character stuff was interesting.

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